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New Franchise

Avnet USI is proud to announce our newest franchise agreements with:
Central Semiconductor, Bliley, Solitron and Semitronics

We will be placing stocking orders, please let us know how we can support your requirments for their products.

Core Values

The values that drive our business and our people forward every day are:
Integrity, Empathy, Ingenuity, Collaboration, Objectivity and Know-how.


Avnet USI is Pleased to Announce Our Latest Endeavor: HI-REL Relays

You have come to know us for our specialized approach and significant inventory on MIL19500. We are taking that same strategy and applying it to RELAYS! Now franchised and stocking:

TE ConnectivityTeledyne Relays

We have put in large stocking orders for these suppliers and hired specialists to get us jump started on relay knowledge. Please send us all of your HI-REL Relay opportunities starting now!

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